In order to reach any goal worth attaining a good amount of hard work, common sense and consistency is required. Fitness is just like any other worthwhile goal, it must be created. It must be forged through hard work, common sense, and consistency. There is no 'short cut' to achieving your fitness goals. At Forged Fitness you won't find any machines or mirrors, selfie sticks or televisions, just passionate trainers and other individuals willing to put in the hard work to achieve their goals. We are your local gym full of like-minded individuals who are passionate about being active. Our goal is to create a gym where Chattanoogans can grow both physically and mentally; overall our goal is to truly know our members! Without knowing each other, how can we encourage and challenge one another? You will be pushed to your limits and will always come out on the other side glad for the challenge. Email us in the "contact" section to get started, the initial consultation is on us!

Marcus Hankins

Co-Founder & Head of Training

Marcus grew up playing every sport he could get his hands on with his three brothers. Over the years he has transferred that passion for athletics to the field of fitness. After receiving a degree in History from the University of South Florida, he briefly entertained the idea of teaching history and coaching sports. He later realized he wanted to combine his love of teaching and athletics into one pursuit and gained his CPT certification through the NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association), one of the most respected training certifications in the US. He put in time working at a "globo-gym", where he learned what aspects of the fitness industry he liked, and those he didn't. This experience led Marcus and Jillian to create a gym where people could come to get the help they are looking for in an uncrowded atmosphere at an affordable cost. His dream for Forged Fitness is a friendly and uncrowded gym full of hardworking individuals who truly love and enjoy the process of becoming fitter. 

Jillian Hankins

Co-Founder & Head of Nutrition

Jillian has always loved anything to do with food; eating food, cooking food, reading about food, and learning how food affects every aspect of health. After receiving a degree in Psychology from the University of Florida, she following her passion and attended a Holistic Nutrition program and received her degree as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist through the CSNN. She found that she wanted to do more than tell people what to eat, but also show them how to cook it. Jillian and Marcus moved to Australia so that she could attend the Whole and Natural Foods Chef Training Program. It was here that she gained a deep appreciation for foods that are simple, seasonal, and satisfying. Luckily, her love for food is matched by a love for fitness which has carried her from running, to triathlon, to HIIT, to yoga, to weight training and finally settling somewhere in the middle. After culinary school she received her CPT certification through the NSCA. She loves encouraging women to explore strength training and gets a kick out of watching them come alive with the confidence gained from a strong body and healthy mind.